Potential Outcomes

In the lead up to the Forum all participants will be briefed on the Forum’s proceedings, the topics to be discussed and to give some thought on where Australia should be with these matters. After the presentations and the round table discussions during the Forum they will have the opportunity to give their independent and anonymous recommendations on each topic. The stature and expertise of all involved in this process will ensure that their recommendations will be irrefutable.


In the aftermath of the Forum all of these recommendations will be collated by the Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation and compiled into the most comprehensive report ever written on these subjects. It is planned that this report will be presented to the Government in Canberra. The report will also be available to other Governments on request.


We must improve the way we handle Transition, curb the Suicide rate and treat PTSD and Mental Trauma. The networking and collaboration involved in this event by 150 or more qualified and passionate experts in this area of mental trauma can only improve working relationships and other positive outcomes.


Stand Tall for PTS has a strong relationship with the American Founders of Give an Hour (www.giveanhour. org). They have provided over 350,000 hours of free consultations to those in need in the USA since its inception.


We can only guess at the number of lives that have been saved. With the size of Australia and our sparsely populated areas this seems to be an essential service for our country. Give an Hour has already partnered with the Ministry of Defence in the UK and the founders will be on screen from Washington during the Forum and speaking about it. We and they are keen to establish this service in Australia. We know that Veterans can access consultations free of charge but do they? And they are only a small percentage of those in need.


The Mental Trauma and Stress associated with the jobs that have to be done by our Military, our First Responders and volunteer Firefighters plus all of the medical staff dealing with Covid-19 are very much top of mind at present. There are calls for Royal Commissions and this Forum in September plus the media campaign and PR stories associated with it can help to provide so many answers.


Tony Dell,

Founder of Stand Tall for PTS

0419 771 736 / tony.dell@standtall4pts.org