Potential Outcomes

In the lead up to the day every participant will be comprehensibly briefed on the day’s proceedings. They will be asked to submit their concerns on the topics to be presented and discussed. All of these will be collated and fed back so that everyone arrives on the day primed to contribute. The stature and expertise of the people involved in this procedure will ensure that their recommendations cannot be ignored by the authorities.


The possible live streaming and the resultant videos will be sent to numerous philanthropists, foundations and corporate funders in an effort to change their thinking about the amount of money that should be made available from the private sector to counter our mental health problems.


We will work closely with the American founders of Give an Hour which has provided over 350,000 free consultations to those in need in the USA since its inception. We can only guess at the number of lives that have been saved as a result. They have already partnered with the Ministry of Defence in the UK and we are looking at partnering with them in Australia. With our smaller population and vast area tele medicine or Skype is the answer for our regional and remote areas. This can be invaluable for the mental degradation which will be a result of the fires. We will need a partner for this. Give an Hour in the USA has just been funded by Aetna to supply 6 hours of free consultations to 700,000 health care workers in New York State. They are the people they call the “hospital heroes”.


The IP of Tim Jones’ Transition Portal is available for an Australian partner. What Tim has developed has not been done anywhere else in the world and it has the capacity to save many Australian lives. We have already introduced him to a potential partner.


The Stand Tall Logo says that from Awareness comes Knowledge and from that Knowledge comes Action. PTS21 has borrowed those words for its Logo.


The mental trauma and stress associated with the jobs that have to be done by our military, our first responders and now, our volunteer firefighters and all medical staff dealing with Covid-19 are very much top of mind at present. There are calls for various Royal Commissions and this one day in May, next year plus the media campaign and PR stories associated with it can provide many answers and recommendations for these bodies.


The knowledge, the calibre, the standing, the expertise and the experience of every person mentioned in this document will ensure that the basis for positive action will be reached.


Tony Dell, Founder of Stand Tall for PTS

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