Producing an overarching strategic direction
for PTSD and Mental Trauma 
19 March 2021


One powerful day of arriving
at positive solutions

​Last year Stand Tall for PTS planned the most definitive forum for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Mental Trauma that Australia has experienced. Previous international conferences that we staged in 2015 and 2017, while hailed as successful at the time, did not force many positive outcomes for treatment. The success rate of management of the illnesses has remained fairly static even though we know much more about them and it has appeared to us and other ESOs and mental health professionals that the authorities are not doing enough. Meanwhile, the suicide rates attributed to these illnesses continue unabated. We feel that more positive moves need to be made.


We now need to resort to plan B, which has been forced on us as a result of the devastating bushfires and the redirection of much of the available funding for not for profits.


The general logistics of PTS21 were planned to be similar to most other forum/conferences with presenters and delegates. But this one was designed for the delegates who work at the PTS coalface and the presenters with unquestionable experience to arrive at positive directives to be given to the authorities. These directives would advise them to put in place measures which would make an almost immediate positive difference. Our problem is that a forum such as this would be costly and we could not take the chance of committing to all of the expenses and not receiving the funding.


Plan B is innovative and PTS21 will now be staged at a much less expensive venue over just one day, 19 March, 2021 and in a location where interstate participants can fly in and out on the one day, if required. The three very important subjects of TRANSITION, SUICIDE and MODELS OF CARE will still be our focus. We will not lose anything in effectiveness and the day will be more memorable because of the proposed participants.


In general terms, the new plan for PTS21 will entail three expert panels, each discussing their subject in front of an invited audience of 100, including lead decision makers in the key industries. In the lead up, invited guests will be asked to submit questions, which will be collated and put forward to the panels by the session facilitator. A Q and A session will take place at the end of the day to close the conference.


The whole day will be filmed and live streamed. A concentrated campaign promoting the live streaming will take place in the months prior to 19 March 2021 through our database, PR and Social media and as tags to our television commercials. The complete day will available on YOUTUBE from then on and we’ll continue to promote it. We will also edit each panel presentation down to 60 minutes and make them available by request.

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